Communications technology is a vital tool in people’s lives, helping to transform lives and livelihoods as well as the way we live and work.

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Law Enforcement Disclosure report

This report outlines government’s powers to order our assistance with lawful interception and statistics about agency and authority demands in countries where data can lawfully be disclosed.

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Law Enforcement Disclosure report
Law Enforcement Disclosure report

Financial inclusion

M-Pesa, our mobile payment service, contributes to economic development in emerging markets by enabling access to financial services for people without bank accounts.

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Financial inclusion
Financial inclusion


We make a significant economic contribution to the public finances in all our countries of operation and are committed to acting with integrity and transparency in all tax matters.

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Welcome to Vodafone’s 2014/15 Sustainability Report

Welcome from our CEO

We are committed to achieving our business goals while seeking to act with openness and integrity at all times.

How we're performing

In 2014/15 we have continued to make progress through our health and safety and diversity programmes.

91% of employees say the Absolute Rules are taken seriously

23%of leaders in senior management are women

Transformational solutions

Vodafone’s network, products and services can help to transform people’s lives and contribute to global sustainable development goals.

Helping farmers improve productivity

Using our technology we are helping smallholder farmers increase productivity and income.

Extending financial inclusion

M-Pesa continues to evolve, enabling people to save and borrow money, receive salaries and more.


Communications technology has enormous potential to help organisations improve efficiency and minimise carbon emissions. At the same time, we are working to minimise our own environmental footprint.

Cutting carbon for enterprise customers

We aim to enable our customers to save twice the amount of carbon we generate.

Flexible car sharing

Our technology is enabling the latest in car sharing, ensuring local vehicles can be located and reserved.

Operating responsibly

To earn and retain the trust of our customers and other stakeholders we need to manage our operations responsibly and conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way.

Staying safe on the road

Last year 115,000 employees, contractors and partners in India undertook mandatory defensive driver training.

Raising standards in our supply chain

We are enabling direct, anonymous feedback on our suppliers working conditions, using mobiles.

Connected Reports series

Our Connected Reports series of publications explore the areas where mobile can contribute to development.

Our Connected Farming in India (pdf, 2.9 MB) report explores how mobile services can positively impact farmer’s livelihoods.

Our Connected Women (pdf, 4.02 MB) report outlines how mobile connectivity can support women’s economic and social empowerment.

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Global maternity policy

In 2014/15, we launched a global maternity policy which outlines enhanced maternity benefits for all women working for Vodafone.

Digitising Europe

Our Digitising Europe research explores the potential of communications technology to transform education and unemployment.

Economic impact report

Our report measures our economic impact in the 12 EU markets in which we operate.