Our vision

Find out about our vision to use communications technology to contribute to sustainable living around the world

Our vision

Vodafone’s ambition is to contribute to sustainable living by delivering connectivity and innovative services to our 434 million customers – 70% of whom live in emerging markets.

Communications technology is already a vital tool in people’s lives and is helping to transform large parts of the world. It is also contributing to global trends, such as first-time access to the internet for people in emerging markets and the ability to connect not just people but things like machinery and vehicles via the ‘internet of things’. Researching and developing opportunities that can contribute to sustainable living through our technology remains at the core of our vision.

We see significant opportunities to grow and enhance our business by developing commercially viable, scalable services that support sustainable development and differentiate our brand. Vodafone’s mobile money transfer product, M-Pesa, is already a well-established and growing part of the business and has become the basis for a range of other services that can also improve livelihoods.

We continue to build on the work we are doing in areas such as agriculture, education and health, where technology is recognised as a critical tool that can make a significant difference to people’s lives, and we are working with partners to develop this further. We are also exploring how mobiles can improve working lives and livelihoods in emerging markets and the role they can play in empowering women to be able to contribute economically and access improved outcomes in healthcare and education.

In developed markets, our products and services continue to play an important role in tackling one of the biggest global challenges we face – climate change. Smart working and our machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies offer significant potential to help organisations and individuals reduce their energy use and carbon emissions, enabling them to live, work and operate more sustainably.

Maintaining the trust of our customers and other stakeholders and remaining accountable to them is critical to our brand and vital to achieving our vision. To earn and retain that trust we continue to build on our longstanding commitment to manage our operations responsibly – from keeping our people safe and managing our carbon footprint, to protecting our customers’ privacy and conducting our business in an ethical and transparent way.

Our vision

Unleash the power of Vodafone to contribute to sustainable living for all

Our approach

Delivering transformational solutions

Mobile technology is improving livelihoods and quality of life globally. We are exploring commercial opportunities where our products and services can bring further benefits to society and we are researching the potential for our technology to further contribute to sustainable living.

Operating responsibly and ethically

Operating responsibly is essential to our licence to operate and delivers commercial advantages to the business, helping to turn potential risks into opportunities and enhancing the contribution of our products and services to sustainable living. By acting with honesty and integrity we can secure the trust of our customers, which is integral to the long-term success of our business.

Current focus areas