Awards and recognition

Our solutions, programmes and reporting have been recognised by a number of external awards and Vodafone is included in several corporate sustainability rankings and indices.

These include:

  • GSMA Global Mobile Awards:
    • 2014: Best Mobile Product, Initiative or Service in Emerging Markets (for the Vodafone Foundation’s RUDI Sandesha Vyavhar project)
    • 2014: GSMA mWomen Award (as above)
    • 2013: Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations (for the Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network)
    • 2012: Nomination for Best Mobile Health Innovation (for Nompilo mobile health enablement platform in South Africa)
    • 2011: Best Mobile Money for the Unbanked Service (for M-Pesa)
  • Guardian Sustainable Business Awards:
    • 2014: Social Impact Award (for the Vodafone ‘Connected’ series of publications)
  • Ethical Corporation Awards:
    • 2013: Best Business-to-Business (B2B) Partnership (with Unilever in developing the ECOTAB application)
  • FTSE4Good Index:
    • 2013: Member
  • Carbon Disclosure Project
    • 2013: Disclosure 85 – Performance B
    • 2012: Disclosure 73 – Performance C
    • 2011: Disclosure 81 – Performance B
  • Corporate Register Corporate Responsibility Reporting Awards
    • 2012: 1st runner up for best report, 1st runner up for best carbon disclosure
    • 2011: Best carbon disclosure (not eligible for best report award after winning three years running)
    • 2010: Best report, 1st for Relevance & Materiality and 3rd for Credibility through Assurance
  • PWC Building Public Trust Awards:
    • 2013: Tax Reporting in the FTSE100
  • Local Market Awards:


    • Vodafone Germany: certified as a top employer (for exceptional employee conditions, talent development and leadership in HR)


    • Vodafone Greece: Environmental Awards 2013 – Gold Award in the Sustainable Business category (for the development of products and services that reduce environmental footprint)
    • Vodafone Hungary Foundation: CSR Hungary Award (for Mobile for Good initiatives)
    • Vodafone Netherlands: Reputation Management Award (for transparency)
    • Vodafone Romania: Award for Excellence at the People for People Gala (for supporting the NGO environment and community)
    • Vodafone Spain: Social Enterprise Award (for strategic and innovative actions that create value for society and business)
    • Vodacom: best performer on Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s Socially Responsible Investment Index (JSE SRI) (for our regard for society, governance and environment in our corporate strategy)
    • Vodacom: included in the Global 500 CDP report (for performance and transparent reporting on carbon emissions).