Scope of reporting

The data on this 2013/14 sustainability reporting website covers the financial year ended 31 March 2014. In our view, the boundary and scope of the online report address the full range of material, economic, environmental and social impacts of the organisation.

Local markets

The data this year covers 24 countries: Albania, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the UK, Vodacom in South Africa and Vodacom’s subsidiaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Data for operations formerly owned by Cable and Wireless Worldwide and TelstraClear are included in the 2013/14 environmental footprint, but not for previous years. Data for any acquisitions made during 2014 are not included in the environmental footprint as our policy is to publicly report performance data from newly acquired businesses at the end of their first full year as a controlled subsidiary. Please refer to the notes accompanying the data for further clarification. Within the Sustainability Report and our sustainability website, we refer to our businesses in all these countries as ‘our markets’.

Joint ventures, associated undertakings, other investments and partner markets

Vodafone has mobile operations in 27 countries and partners with mobile networks in 48 more, and fixed broadband operations in 17 countries. Our sustainability reporting covers the mobile and fixed networks in the 24 local countries listed above and does not include our joint ventures, our associate Safaricom (Kenya) or partner networks. Exceptions to this are our employee figures which include joint ventures in Australia and Fiji, and the Law Enforcement Disclosure section which covers 29 countries (see Our people and Law Enforcement Disclosure report for further details).

However, we do work with our joint venture companies and associated undertakings on sustainability programmes and some case studies from these countries are included in our sustainability reporting.

Outsourcing partners

We are increasingly outsourcing certain elements of our operations, in particular the deployment and management of our networks. We collect sustainability performance information from these companies where we have either ownership or operational control of the assets they manage. We also report data on contractor fatalities.

Shared sites

We co-locate many of our sites with other operators in some countries. In these countries we agree the best approach to account for this data with our auditors based on our operational control.

Non-Vodafone branded companies

In addition to the companies mentioned above, some of our local countries own smaller, non-Vodafone branded companies that provide services to their business. Data from these companies is excluded from the scope of our sustainability reporting as data from non-Vodafone branded companies is considered less reliable.

Other Vodafone entities

Vodafone has various corporate entities and representative offices that are not material to our reporting (eg a small sales office), and so are not included within the scope of our sustainability reporting.

Retail operations and branded stores

The Group has a mix of owned retail operations and Vodafone branded stores by way of franchise and exclusive dealer arrangements. Our sustainability data only includes our owned retail operations.

Energy data and emissions reporting

We use an electronic data collection process to gather our data. In the majority of our countries, energy usage data is based on invoices from our energy suppliers. In some countries, these bills are based on the supplier’s estimated readings. Where data does not match our reporting period exactly, we forecast this information. For sites where energy invoices are unavailable, we extrapolate this information based on typical site consumption. Increasingly, we measure our energy efficiency through ‘smart metering’ – a tool using our own mobile communications to collect real-time data from energy meters on consumption levels, which we have rolled out to many of our sites.

Trademark notice

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