Mobile innovation

We believe in the power of working with our clients to embrace the uniqueness of the mobile channel. We do this by working with brands from idea to execution. Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. We agree, but believe that knowledge can be driven from our imagination once a structured test and learn metric is put around the idea. Working with our partners we provide access to the latest mobile thinking and platforms to aid innovation.


Integrate vouchers with a mobile or cross-media campaign to drive retail footfall and revenue, while benefiting from added value through speed to market and cost efficiencies, as well as enhanced targeting, CRM, and security.

B2B Enabler

Our Business to Business Enabler portfolio offers aggregator partners a market-leading range of products that have helped realise the potential of the mobile as a discovery, delivery and payment mechanism for content and services.


Our expert R&D department ensures that you stay ahead of the game by embracing the latest advances in technology. R&D is focused on developing mobile innovation that can be tailored to your brands and improve your consumers’ lives.

Machine to Machine

M2M allows key information to be exchanged without human intervention, making it possible to reduce costs and improve efficiency and service to customers.


The world’s most successful mobile money transfer service. It enables millions of people in developing markets to send and receive money, top up airtime and make bill payments.

Mobile Analytics

Our mAnalytics team will ensure that you receive the very best in mobile data aggregation and reporting, providing additional customer insights.


Near Field Communication allows a transaction to take place conveniently and efficiently by passing the equipped phone over an NFC-enabled terminal.


Funds held by the mWallet are accessed securely from the mobile phone – subscribers are able to pay through credit deduction or monthly invoice.

Track & Trace

A revolutionary new way of using the mobile’s GPS capabilities to ensure that the things that matter most to you can be tracked and traced.

Digital communities

Using simple mobile technology to break down barriers and grow businesses in emerging markets – we connect international brands to their suppliers and customers for increased revenues, lower costs and real sustainability.