Stock information

Stock information

Stock/ticker symbol: VOD
Shares in issue: 26,438,136,936 (excluding treasury shares) as at the 24 February 2014
Share buyback: See Share Buyback Programme
Shareholder structure: See Vodafone at a Glance (PDF 2.7MB)
Registrars & Transfer Office: See Shareholder Services
Outstanding AirTouch and Mannesmann shareholders: See Investor FAQs
Stock history: 21 July 1994 - bonus issue of two new shares for every one share held, e.g. 2+1=3
  30 September 1999 - bonus issue of four new shares for every one held, e.g. 4+1=5
  28 July 2006 - share consolidation for every 8 shares held, 7 new shares issued plus 1 'B' share worth 15p  subsequently converted into cash

Share values

Upon flotation of the Company on 11 October 1988 the ordinary shares were valued at 170p each. On 16 September 1991, when the Company was finally demerged, for UK taxpayers the base cost of Racal Electronics Plc shares was apportioned between the Company and Racal Electronics Plc for Capital Gains Tax purposes in the ratio of 80.036% and 19.964% respectively. Opening share prices on 16 September 1991 were 332p for each Vodafone share and 223p for each Racal share.

On 21 July 1994, the Company effected a bonus issue of two new shares for every one then held and on 30 September 1999 it effected a bonus issue of four new shares for every one held at that date. The flotation and demerger share prices, therefore, may be restated as 11.33p and 22.133p respectively.


Verizon Wireless transaction, 24th February 2014

Vodafone disposed of its US group whose principal asset is its 45% interest in Verizon Wireless, on 21 of February 2014 for a total consideration of US$130 billion (c. £84 billion). Vodafone returned to shareholders a total cash amount of US$23.886 billion ($0.4928005 per Vodafone ordinary share) and 1,274,764,121 Verizon common shares (0.0263001 Verizon common shares for each Vodafone ordinary share).

Please note that all CREST holders, US shareholders and ADR holders will receive the cash payment of $23.886bn or $0.4928005  per Vodafone ordinary share and any other cash proceeds  from the Return of Value in US dollars. Only Certificated shareholders can elect to receive the payment in sterling or Euros. The cash payment will be made on the 4th of March 2014 and payments in lieu of fractional share entitlements will be made on the 10th of March 2014.  The Foreign exchange rates to  determine the sterling and euro equivalents were calculated over the 24th and 25th of February 2014 and were $/£ 1.667415 and $/€ 1.374450 respectively.  However, please note that these foreign exchange rates are not confirmed to be those that will apply for tax purposes. The foreign exchange rate for tax purposes will be published on the Group investor relations site after confirmation from the relevant tax authorities.

Following the Return of Value, Vodafone consolidated its shares on 24 February 2014 with the ratio for both Ordinary and ADS holders as follows: 6 new ordinary shares for every existing 11 Vodafone shares. (Based on a mid-market closing price of Vodafone ordinary shares of 223.975 pence, a mid-market closing price of Verizon common shares of US$45.965 and a US dollar-sterling exchange rate of 1.6698, in each case on 18 February 2014).

Following the consolidation the ratio of the ADR to ordinary shares remains 10 to 1, i.e. 1 ADR = 10 Ordinary shares.

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  Pre the Verizon Wireless transaction Post the Verizon Wireless transaction
Ordinary shares
Ordinary share    
Verizon shares    
CUSIP   92343V104
SEDOL   0089560
ISIN   US92343V1044
TICKER   VZC LN (Trading on the LSE in USD)
ADR shares
CUSIP 92857W209 92857W308
ISIN US92857W2098 US92857W3088 
Verizon shares    
CUSIP   92343V104
SEDOL   2090571
ISIN   US92343V1044
TICKER   VZ (Trading on NYSE in USD)
  Pre the Verizon Wireless transaction Post the Verizon Wireless transaction
Number of Ordinary shares  
Shares in issue 48,469,917,716 26,438,136,936
Shares held in Treasury 4,351,833,497 2,373,727,362
Total shares in issue 52,821,751,213 28,811,864,298
Nominal Value for Vodafone Ordinary Shares 11 3/7 US cents 20 20/21 US cents