What are my rights as an ADS holder?

ADS holders are generally entitled to the same rights as the underlying shareholders, subject to the terms specified on the ADR certificate.

What Company documentation do ADS holders receive?

Vodafone Group Plc will file with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, its Annual Report (which corresponds to the 10-K for a US Corporation) and other information as required. 

To obtain a copy of the Annual Report please contact:

Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
NY 11219


Calling from inside the US: 800 233 5601 (toll-free)

Calling from outside the US: +1 201 806 4103



When are dividends paid?

The interim dividend is usually declared in November and paid in February and the final dividend is usually declared in May and paid in August.

ADS holders are generally eligible for all dividends or other entitlements attaching to the underlying shares of Vodafone Group Plc and receive all cash dividends in US dollars.

What fees will be deducted from dividends?

A fee of $0.015 per ADS is currently deducted from interim dividends (usually paid each February) and a fee of $0.02 per ADS is currently deducted from final dividends (usually paid each August).

Why are fees deducted from dividends? 

Vodafone uses the fees it receives from dividends to offset, in part, the costs related to SEC registration, including Sarbanes-Oxley related expenses, stock exchange listing fees and administering the ADS facility.