Our markets

From Ghana to Greece, England to Egypt, India to Ireland, all over the world, we all work together to produce the best solutions and the most rewarding results.

Great minds think alike here at Vodafone. Which is great news for you as it means you may get the chance to travel to different operating countries, experience new cultures and develop your skills further afield. Enriching lives is not just something we do for our customers, sharing what you've learned with your colleagues back at home is all part of the experience.

Vodafone Group

As a truly global business, connecting people, businesses and communities in the digital world, we offer career opportunities that span the world. Whilst our local  teams in 26 countries deliver directly to our costumers, Vodafone Group is the corporate parent providing global leadership, best practice, strategy as well managing performance. From global technology operations, device management and purchasing, Brand, HR or the global Enterprise unit providing total communications to some of the biggest businesses around the world, at Vodafone Group you will work with a community of exceptional people.

Shared Services

Vodafone Shared Services are transforming the way Vodafone delivers for our customers. Established in 2007, we have evolved from one of Europe’s largest finance transformation programmes to a multi-discipline organisation that employs more than 20,000 professionals from Europe, Africa and Asia who are located in our centres in: Budapest, Bucharest, Cairo, Alexandria, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune
We bring together smart, creative and capable people who deliver exceptional results for all Vodafone Local Markets and Group Functions in the domain of Finance, Supply Chain, Security, Customer Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR, Technology and Business Intelligence.

We are continuously investing in our teams to build and develop the right capability and capacity, provide opportunities to share best practices and enhance our people professional and personal experiences which will contribute in making our Global Business Services successful and capable to create a competitive advantage for Vodafone.

Vodafone Shared Services is a very dynamic and exciting place to work where people can grow and have a real opportunity to work in teams from all around the world dedicated in complex and exciting projects and services.

View current open positions in Vodafone shared services, and explore the world of opportunities that working in these multi-national teams provides.