Vodafone Smart Tab III

With the new powerful Vodafone Smart Tab series, we can support you in getting anything you want to get out of your tablet. You choose the screen size which best fits your purpose and we match it with power and speed: the Quad-Core chipset will keep up with you no matter what you ask of it, be it video streaming or just wanting to do too many things at once. The 3G-enabled tablets provide genuine wireless mobility anywhere.

The Vodafone Smart Tabs remain simple and intuitive to use and give you instant access to apps and services that help you keep up to date with news, entertainment and to manage your daily live. With Google Play™ you have access to a wide range of content and apps available. To get you started, the Smart Tabs come already preloaded with popular and useful apps and widgets for your convenience.

These great value deals for 3G tablets come with flexible data tariffs – in prepay, entry data contracts or sharing data from existing smartphone plans. Please visit your local Vodafone website to find out more – or even better, just come see us in your nearest store.

Choose between the premium 10 inch variant or the portable 7 inch version. To find out more, please click the buttons on the right.