Vodafone handsets

Vodafone Smart mini

Vodafone Smart mini
Vodafone’s most affordable 3,5" entry smartphone
Download specifications (PDF 447kb)

Vodafone Smart III

Vodafone Smart III
The first phone with kikin; the innovative touch-to-search service
Download specifications (PDF 518kb)

Vodafone 575

Vodafone 575
A large touch screen & premium finish, at a price you can afford.
Download specifications (PDF 36kb)

Vodafone 353

Vodafone 353
Simple voice and text usability, and data centric features and apps for easy access to social networking.
Download specifications (PDF 36kb)

Vodafone 155

Vodafone 155
Big letters and keys as well as an emergency call button on the back side of the phone.
Download specifications (PDF 41kb)

Vodafone 255
The Vodafone 255 provides you with all the basic features you need and some nice additions.
Download specifications (PDF 23kb)

Vodafone 355
The affordable Vodafone 355 includes a Qwerty keyboard and a bright display for an optimum experience.
Download specifications (PDF 60kb)

Vodafone 555 Blue
Developed with Facebook, the Vodafone 555 Blue puts the Facebook experience into the heart
Download specifications (PDF 279kb)

Vodafone 858 Smart
A compelling smartphone experience, bringing together apps, navigation and social-networking.
Download specifications (PDF 281kb)

Vodafone 455
The Vodafone 455 is one of the most affordable touch devices available in our range.
Download specifications (PDF 45kb)

Vodafone 945
The Vodafone 945 combines performance, design and value to make this the perfect companion.
Download specifications (PDF 37kb)

Vodafone 354
The affordable Vodafone 354 includes a Qwerty keyboard and a bright display for an optimum experience.
Download specifications (PDF 60kb)

Vodafone 543 Miss Sixty
Express yourself with the Miss Sixty special editions, or one of the many colours available.
Download specifications (PDF 62kb)

Vodafone 546
Keep up to date with friends and family via e-mail and chat with The Vodafone 546.
Download specifications (PDF 30kb)

Vodafone 547i
The Vodafone 547i is a fashionable, price conscious touch phone with a host of multimedia features.
Download specifications (PDF 30kb)

Vodafone 553
The affordable Vodafone 553 with its full Qwerty slide phone with its touch screen is a prepay messaging hero.
Download specifications (PDF 30kb)

Vodafone 845
The Android Vodafone 845 is our most affordable touch screen smartphone.

Download specifications (PDF 23kb)

Vodafone 150
The Vodafone 150 is the world's most affordable phone and brings you all the features you need for excellent call and text capabilities.
Download specifications (PDF 25kb)

Vodafone 247 Solar
The Vodafone 247 has all the basic features you'd expect and comes with a solar panel on the back.
Download specifications (PDF 27kb)

Vodafone 252
The Vodafone 252 features a colour display and top quality voice and text capabilities.
Download specifications (PDF 59 kb)

Vodafone 345
Thanks to the full Qwerty keypad, superfast texting has never been so easy.
Download specifications (PDF 59kb)

Vodafone 351
The Vodafone 351 lets you check your mail, surf the internet with Opera Mini, and take photos with the camera wherever you are.
Download specifications (PDF 75kb)