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Gender Pay Gap

Vodafone is determined to play a meaningful role in supporting the empowerment of women and welcomes public focus on the need for a significant increase in women’s participation in, and leadership of, organisations. In this report, we present the data for our UK businesses and summarise the innovative programmes that are designed to enhance our overall gender balance, as we strive to reach our global target of 30% of management and leadership roles held by women by 2020.

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Our products and services play a central role in the daily lives and livelihoods of more than half a billion people across 26 countries, bringing about a revolution in access to education, healthcare and financial services. Our approach to sustainable business ensures we are committed to aligning our business goals with societal benefits in order for our work to deliver positive social outcomes, not just commercial and financial success.

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Sustainable Business Report 2017

Download our full Sustainable Business Report and our other related disclosures here, or access each individual chapter below.

Sustainable Business Report 2017


Our sustainable business strategy sets out our commitment to maximise the social and economic benefits our business can deliver while enhancing our strong commitment to responsible behaviour and corporate transparency.

Women's Empowerment

We are strongly committed to diversity and have an ambition for Vodafone to become the world’s best employer for women by 2025. We also aim to expand the benefits of mobile to an additional 50 million women living in our emerging markets.

Energy Innovation

We are very close to achieving our goal of helping our customers to reduce their emissions by two tonnes for every one tonne of greenhouse gas (GHG) we generate from our own operations. 

Youth Skills and Jobs

We aim to use our expertise in digital technology to help younger people enhance their skills and access learning and employment opportunities. We are also working to create new opportunities for younger people to gain experience or work within our business.

Principles and Practice

We are committed to acting with integrity as it is essential to preserving the long-term success of our company. How we work is as important as what we do and achieve, and we remain committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. 

Supply Chain Integrity and Safety

We focus on promoting good practice and driving responsible and ethical behaviour among our suppliers. We work to ensure our policies and practices promote safety across our operations and remains a focus of our activities.

Mobiles, Masts and Health

We provide objective and accessible information to address public concerns around mobile phones and base stations and explain our approach to compliance with international standards across our local countries.


We offer clarity around our governance, scope of reporting and materiality, as well as our conformity with GRI G4 and our assurance statement.

Transparency Reporting

In addition to the topics covered in our Sustainable Business Report, we address areas of intense public debate and critical importance to our business through our transparency disclosures.

We are one of the only communications companies in the world to report our total taxation and economic contribution to society voluntarily for each country in which we have a legal entity. Our disclosures are made on a country-by-country actual cash paid basis.

Digital Rights and Freedoms Reporting Centre

Our disclosures on matters related to digital human rights include information on our policies and principles related to government access to customer data, as well as our principles on freedom of expression and insights into the issues surrounding network censorship and the digital rights of the child.

Report downloads

Find our full Sustainable Business Report below, along with our most recent disclosures and our latest Annual Report. Our archived Sustainable Business and local market sustainability reports are also available to download here.