Health and safety – Progress against objectives

This table summarises our progress in 2011/12 against our strategic objectives and other targets that drive improvements in key areas.  Find out more about the issues which have contributed to this progress here.

Ongoing objective  Ongoing  Achieved objective Achieved  Partially achieved objective Partial  Objective not achieved Not achieved

Objective Our performance in 2011/12 Status
Drive a zero fatalities culture, mindset and behaviour by:
Achieving International Safety Rating System (ISRS) Level 7 in all local markets by 2016 Three of our markets underwent ISRS audits in 2011/12. Our operations were assessed as ISRS Level 5 in Ghana and Level 6 in Turkey. In India, the 21 separate telecoms 'circles' where we operate are assessed separately. Of the 20 circles audited in 2011/12, two were assessed at Level 7, two at Level 6 and the remaining 16 at Level 5. Ongoing objective
Implementing occupational road risk programmes in all local markets by 2016 Programmes targeting road safety have now been implemented in eight of our 20 markets: Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ghana, India, Mozambique, Tanzania, Turkey and South Africa. These are tailored to local needs. Ongoing objective
Including health, safety and wellbeing objectives in the annual objectives for Group Executive Committee members, regional executives and local market executives by 2016 Health, safety and wellbeing will be included in annual objectives for Executive Committee members from 2012/13. Ongoing objective
Implementing safety leadership programmes in all local markets by 2016 From 2012/13, safety leadership is included in quarterly objectives for all local markets, with the expectation that senior leaders must engage employees and suppliers on safety, including site tours for executives in relevant functions such as Technology and Supply Chain (see below). Ongoing objective
Ensuring that local and regional executives complete at least two senior management site tours a year Executives across the Group started carrying out safety site tours in 2011/12 with some conducting up to four site tours during the year. These will be mandated in 2012/13. Ongoing objective
Reduce work-related injuries
Reduce the work-related incident rate resulting in lost time by 10% (from the 2007/08 baseline) by March 2012 Our lost-time incident rate was 1.69 in 2011/12, representing a 30% reduction from 2007/08. Achieved objective