Accessibility – Progress against objectives

This table summarises our progress in 2011/12 against our strategic objectives and other targets that drive improvements in key areas.  Find out more about the issues which have contributed to this progress here.

Ongoing objective  Ongoing  Achieved objective Achieved  Partially achieved objective Partial  Objective not achieved Not achieved

Objective Our performance in 2011/12 Status
Run a contest to develop applications for disabled users in Europe by March 2012 We held the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards to develop applications for disabled users. The four winning applications selected in November 2011 will be available to Vodafone customers using Android smartphones from June 2012. Achieved objective
Develop a Group-wide ageing population strategy by March 2012 We did not develop a Group-wide strategy. Instead, we are focusing on locally tailored strategies by supporting individual markets to develop plans for targeting products and services for elderly customers. For example, Vodafone Spain piloted services for elderly customers. Objective not achieved
Establish an Expert User Panel of disabled users for our websites by November 2011 We set up an expert user panel of disabled users in summer 2011 to ensure our new website and application designs meet all our customers' needs. Achieved objective