Smart metering solutions with AMS in New Zealand

Vodafone is partnering with Advanced Metering Services (AMS), New Zealand’s leading smart metering company, to help power companies promote smarter energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

Using our existing GPRS mobile network, we developed a tailored service for AMS that ensures data on energy use is reliably delivered from smart meters to a central collection point. We will support around 500,000 smart meters across the country once the rollout is complete.

By installing SIM cards into smart meter modems, regular energy readings are automatically sent to AMS’s data management system. The detailed energy data collected enables power companies to introduce incentives that promote smarter energy use by their residential and business customers, such as tiered pricing tariffs that encourage off-peak energy use. By smoothing the peaks and troughs of high and low demand periods, utilities can make better use of renewable energy, cutting carbon emissions.

Smart meters also promote small-scale generation of renewable power by enabling customers to sell energy back to the grid which they generate from, for example, small-scale wind turbines or solar panels.