Mobiles, masts and health

Find out more about mobiles, masts and health; including how mobiles work, answers to commonly asked questions and up-to-date scientific information.

Mobiles, masts and health

Mobile devices are transforming the way we live, work and communicate. They help change people'€™s lives for the better by creating access to services and enabling economic development.

Mobile devices and the masts that make them work operate well within guideline safety limits. According to the World Health Organization and others, there is no evidence to convince experts that the use of mobile devices and the masts that make them work carries health risks.

But some people are still concerned. Our vision is to lead within the industry in responding to public concerns regarding mobile devices, masts and health by demonstrating leading edge practices and encouraging others to follow.

Research continues into mobile devices, masts and health. Our approach to managing health issues is based on all available scientific evidence, to ensure we safeguard our customers, employees and the public.

This section of our website explains how mobiles work, answers commonly asked questions and contains up-to-date scientific opinions.

The scientific process

Read more about how scientists carry out their research and reach their findings.