Respecting our customers’ right to privacy and freedom of expression is one of our highest priorities.

Over 3 billion people communicate and share information over our networks enabling them to connect, innovate and prosper. However, the laws surrounding the communications environment are complex and require us to respond to lawful demands to share customer data. We explore these issues in this, our Digital Rights and Freedoms Reporting Centre, where we also cover a number of other relevant and related topics.

Law Enforcement Disclosure Statement

We have to balance our responsibility to respect our customers’ right to privacy and freedom of expression against our legal obligation to respond to the authorities’ lawful demands, while recognising our duty of care to our employees and our broader responsibilities as a corporate citizen to protect the public and prevent harm.

Law Enforcement Requests: Country-by-Country

For each of the countries in which we operate, we provide insights into the nature of the local legal regime governing law enforcement assistance, together with an indication of the volume of each country’s agency and authority demands in 2015-16, wherever that information is available and publication is not prohibited.

Freedom of Expression Statement

Ensuring our customers are able to use our networks and services confidently and free of unreasonable constraints is integral to our success. However, all governments reserve the right to limit their citizens’ ability to access and use digital networks, services and content under certain circumstances.

Legal Annexe: Overview of Laws

Government agencies and authorities have legal powers that enable them to access customer communications. This analysis of the legal powers surrounding law enforcement access, service restriction and, new this year, encryption, covers all our countries of operation.

Customer Privacy

Protecting our customers’ personal information and respecting their privacy are essential to maintaining their trust. Managing privacy risks effectively and putting customers in control of their data is core to our approach.

Digital Rights of the Child

Our industry-leading initiatives offer advice for parents and guardians on helping young people to use technology safely. We remain committed to using the IWF block list to help restrict access to child abuse content.

Alignment with the Industry Dialogue Guiding Principles

We are a signatory to the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue Guiding Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy and explain here how we align with those principles.

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Legal Annexe