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UK programmes

JustTextGiving by Vodafone is the headline programme of the Vodafone Foundation in the UK.  Part of the Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good programme, JustTextGiving by Vodafone lets individuals and charities collect donations via text.  Our partnership with JustGiving means individuals and charities of any size can use the power of text messaging to raise money for charity.

To donate money, all a user has to do is text a unique code (also known as a VIC – Vodafone Individual Code) and any amount between £1 and £10 to 70070.  That total amount goes to the charity – not a penny is taken.  For the first time ever, fundraisers and charities alike can benefit from the power of mobile with 100% of donations going to where it’s needed most.  You don’t even have to be a Vodafone customer to raise money or donate. 

Over 20,600 charities have signed up to JustTextGiving with over 160,000 individual fundraisers using the service.

For more information about JustTextGiving  by Vodafone click here.

Other areas that the Vodafone Foundation focuses on in the UK are…

TecSOS – this specialised handset has been developed for use by victims of domestic violence.  It was originally developed by the Vodafone Spain Foundation in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross and the TecSOS Foundation, and was brought to the UK in 2010.  The handset enables a user to push a central button and activate immediate contact with the police, provide instant details of location and enable an immediate recording of all activity in the vicinity of the handset. 

In the UK, the Vodafone Foundation is dedicated to rolling out TecSOS to all Police forces.  As of June 2014 TecSOS had been implemented in over 50% of UK Police forces and over 7,000 victims in the UK have benefitted from the handset.  TecSOS programmes also run in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Hungary, more detail can be found here.

Take a Chance – this award winning programme has been running since 2007 and is managed by the Education Business Partnership West Berkshire. The programme aims to increase the confidence and motivation of students aged 14-15 in West Berkshire and enables them to broaden their skills and horizons by providing personal development opportunities within a business context.  This is achieved through coaching/mentoring by trained Vodafone staff in a series of workshops and mentoring sessions based at Vodafone HQ.

Schools nominate students who are invited to join the programme following a further selection process.  There are currently 8 schools, 51 students and 50 Vodafone Business Buddies taking part in the programme.

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We also support our employees through 3 unique programmes…

Through the Vodafone Foundation’s Matched Funding programme, we support Vodafone employees who are involved in community activities by matching the funds they raise for charity.  This gives people the freedom to support charities of their choice.  Employees can claim up to £350 each financial quarter in matched funding.

Payroll giving is also promoted as an easy, tax-efficient way for employees to support the causes that they really care about. The Vodafone Foundation helps by paying the administration charge for every donation made.

On top of these benefits, UK based Vodafone employees can claim up to 24 hours paid leave per year for volunteering activities; time which can be used to take their skills and enthusiasm out to the local community. The Vodafone Foundation also supports team volunteering activities by providing funds of up to £1000 for the purchase of materials or hire of equipment.