What if your child is being bullied on social media or spending too much time on their smartphone... would you know what to do?

Digital Parenting is here to help, with advice about digital content, contact and conduct and links to other websites for more information.

Tools & controls

There are lots of parental controls and other online tools to help your child have a safer and more private online experience, many of which are free and easy to set up.

You might already have parental controls on your child’s computer but what about their smartphone, tablet, games console and other devices? Take a look at our short ‘how to’ guides so you can help to protect them when they are online at home, at a friend’s house or out and about.

But remember, controls and tools aren’t always 100% effective and tech-savvy kids sometimes find their way around them.

Free resources

Our Digital Parenting magazine has already helped millions of families across the UK. Check out the magazine, our Be Strong Online modules for schools, our #BeStrong compassion emojis and much more.


In our Blogs section, we highlight topical issues and some of the digital awareness initiatives that Vodafone supports. You’ll also find articles by psychiatrists, charities and other leading experts that have appeared in various issues of Digital Parenting magazine.