Curious to know why you can't put down Candy Crush? Or why your child can't get enough of Minecraft? Take the Digital Style Quiz and find out. The quiz will tell you about your digital learning style and what kind of digital activities really suit you and why. It's fun, quick and easy and designed for both parents and children.

Fun things to try

Once you've discovered more about your digital personality, why not explore some of the activities we suggest on this page with your children? From making a movie to building a game, they're designed to help your children learn and for you to have fun together.

For parents

Vodafone has worked with Parent Zone on Digital Parenting, My Tech Family and other initiatives. Check out the Parent Zone website and email them at info@parentzone.org.uk to find out how your child’s school can sign up to My Tech Family.

For teachers

If you are a teacher and would like to introduce My Tech Family into your lessons, there are free, downloadable resources available – including presentations, lesson plans and workbooks.