Vodafone Backup+

Backup+ and Dropbox work together to keep the precious things on your mobile safe

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Your Contacts

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Vodafone Backup+ Dropbox

Back up your photos, videos and contacts with Vodafone Backup+

Your Photos

Your Photos

Back up all your photos or just your favourites automatically.

Your Videos

Your Videos

Add your videos. They will be easily accessible in Dropbox alongside your photos.

Your Contacts

Your Contacts

Save your contacts with Vodafone and sync them across all your devices!

Restore them easily when you need to

So they are always with you, even if you get a new phone or tablet.

Let's say you
get a new device

Just select what you
want to restore

And you're done

Your stuff is always
available in Dropbox

Wherever you are

Vodafone Backup+ saves your photos and videos to Dropbox so you can access them from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Share with confidence

You can share your backed up photos and videos easily from within Dropbox. Everything is automatically private so you can control who sees what.

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