Our year in conversation

Our Executive Directors discuss the key strategic, operational and financial highlights for this year and next.

  • Continued strategic progress

    Vittorio Colao,
    Chief Executive

    • Positioned well in a difficult operating environment
    • Commercial performance continues to be strong
    • Strengthen our data networks to enrich customers� experience
    • A clear focus on shareholder returns
    photo of Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive

    To read more on this year�s financial year in review, the Company�s priorities and prospects for 2013, refer to the Chief Executive review

  • Delivered on guidance

    Andy Halford,
    Chief Financial Officer

    • Continued growth led by data
    • Growing in emerging markets and Northern Europe
    • Verizon Wireless leading operational performance
    • Delivered on profit and cash flow guidance
    photo of Andy Halford, Chief Executive Officer

    To read more on this year�s financial year in detail, refer to the operating results

  • Our network strategy

    Stephen Pusey,
    Group Chief Technology Officer

    • Best network for customers’ experience
    • Continue to manage the cost base carefully
    • Robust IT systems to deliver unmatched customer experience
    • Enhancing our network with 4G/LTE
    photo of Stephen Pusey, Group Chief Technology Officer

    To read more about our investment in the network and IT infrastructures, refer to Technology in the strategy section

All references to growth rates in the videos are organic unless stated otherwise.