Mobile payments (an application
of NFC)

Vodafone, ABN AMRO, ING, KPN, Rabobank and T-Mobile signed a letter of intent this year to create a joint venture company and introduce simple and secure mobile payments at checkouts in the Netherlands. It is an early example of how Vodafone is leading the market for mobile payments in partnership with other mobile network operators and major banks.

Focus on key areas of growth potential:

New services

We have strategically chosen to expand into a number of new growth segments to create additional revenue and enhanced customer experience that complement our core voice and data products.

Machine-to-machine (‘M2M’)

M2M connections allow devices to communicate with one another via built-in mobile SIM cards. This allows us to offer services such as fleet tracking and asset management, remote monitoring of, for example, vending machines, cash machines and building management, as well as security and surveillance. We are now serving around 5.3 million M2M connections around the world. Further information is contained in “Focus on key areas of growth potential: Enterprise" and “Sustainable business”.

Third party billing

We work with third party content and service providers to simplify our customers’ experience when they purchase applications and content by letting our customers charge these services direct to their mobile account (‘charge to bill’). We provide a single technical interface to these providers to reach all our European customers and we plan to expand this reach to other parts of the world over the 2012 financial year.

Financial services

Vodafone M-Pesa is now live in six markets. Further information is contained in “Focus on key areas of growth potential: Emerging markets”.

Near field communication (‘NFC’)

NFC allows communication between devices when they are touched together or brought within a few centimetres of each other. We aim to make mobile phones the preferred device for most personal transactions including payments, tickets, coupons, identification and the provision of information. We have been developing mobile NFC standards since 2006, have conducted trials in several markets and are now developing services and partnerships in preparation for commercial launch in key markets.

Mobile advertising

We have an established mobile advertising business in 18 countries with a wide range of capabilities. The fast adoption of smartphone devices is promoting mobile as an alternative channel to reach consumers and we are collaborating with other mobile network operators to make the most of the potential of mobile advertising.

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