Machine-to-machine (‘M2M’) services

Machine-to-machine communications, commonly known as M2M or telemetry, enables devices to communicate with one another via built-in mobile SIM cards. This allows key information to be automatically exchanged without human intervention making it possible to reduce costs, and improve efficiency and services to customers, for example, enabling drivers to upload and download real-time information to their sat nav devices on traffic jams which can help reduce journey times and save fuel.

Focus on key areas of growth potential:


Enterprise customers

Our enterprise customers range from small-office-home-office (‘SoHo’) businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs’), through to large domestic and multinational companies. Across the Group we have 34 million enterprise customers accounting for around 9% of all customers and around 23% of service revenue.

Selected expansion in growth markets
SoHo and SME

Our focus for SoHos and SMEs is to provide customers with integrated fixed and mobile communications solutions where we host and maintain the entire service “in the cloud” to help customers reduce costs and simplify administration. Vodafone One Net for example, brings together fixed and mobile communications in one system and now has around 1.4 million end users in six markets. Through our partnership with Microsoft we provide our customers with hosted email, conferencing and collaboration services in a single package called Microsoft Online suite, which is now available in four markets.

Domestic companies

For larger domestic companies we provide unified communications solutions delivering integrated mobile and fixed services, fixed voice and data services, IP virtual private networks and network integration services.

Multinational companies

Vodafone Global Enterprise manages the communication needs of over 560 of our largest multinational corporate customers. It provides a range of managed services which bring together every aspect of a customer’s telecommunications infrastructure, both fixed and mobile, providing greater visibility and control of expenditure. During the year Vodafone Global Enterprise achieved organic revenue growth of around 8%(*). New customers and renewed contracts this year included Unilever, Luxottica and Bosch. In March 2011 Vodafone Global Enterprise received the HP Supplier of the Year Award for its role in delivering globally consistent managed mobility services to Hewlett Packard.

In October 2010 we acquired Quickcomm and TnT Expense Management, which are specialist providers of telecommunications expense management services. The acquisitions will strengthen our ability to provide our enterprise customers with greater visibility and control over their combined fixed line and mobile expenditure.

In the area of health, Vodafone Global Enterprise is working with partners such as Novartis on innovative health projects. Further information is contained in "Sustainable business".

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