Global presence

We have a significant global presence, with equity interests in over 30 countries and over 40 partner markets worldwide. The Group operates in three geographic regions – Europe, Africa and Central Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East – and has an investment in Verizon Wireless in the United States.




Adjusted operating profit(1)(£bn)


Operating profit(1)(£bn)


Capital expenditure(1)(£bn)



Our mobile subsidiaries and joint venture operate under the brand name ‘Vodafone’. Our associate in France operates as ‘SFR’ and ‘Neuf Cegetel’, and our fixed line communication businesses operate as ‘Vodafone’, ‘Arcor’, ‘Tele2’ and ‘TeleTu’.

Presence in Europe

Revenue growth (%)

Revenue growth in Europe



0.8% growth

Adjusted operating profit(1)


2.9% decrease

Operating free cash flow(1)


2.7% decrease

Capital expenditure(1)


6% growth

Africa and Central Europe

Our subsidiaries in this region operate under the ‘Vodafone’ brand or, in the case of Vodacom and its mobile subsidiaries, the ‘Vodacom’ and ‘Gateway’ brands. Our joint venture in Poland operates as ‘Plus’ and our associate in Kenya operates as ‘Safaricom’.

Presence in Africa and Central Europe

Revenue growth (%)

Revenue growth in Africa and Central Europe



45.9% growth

Adjusted operating profit(1)


21.9% decrease

Operating free cash flow(1)


70.5% growth

Capital expenditure(1)


61.1% growth

Asia Pacific and Middle East

Our subsidiaries and joint venture in Fiji operate under the ‘Vodafone’ brand and our joint venture in Australia operates under the brands ‘Vodafone’ and ‘3’.

Presence in Asia Pacific and Middle East

Revenue growth (%)

Revenue growth in Asia Pacific and Middle East



11.4% growth

Adjusted operating profit(1)


35.6% decrease

Operating free cash flow(1)



Capital expenditure(1)


25.1% decrease

Verizon Wireless (United States)

Our associate in the US operates under the brand ‘Verizon Wireless’.

Presence in Verizon Wireless (United States)

Revenue growth (%)

Revenue growth in Verizon Wireless (United States)



22.3% growth

Adjusted operating profit(1)


16.1% growth

Partner markets

Partner markets extend our brand exposure outside the controlled operating companies through entering into a partnership agreement with a local mobile operator, enabling a range of our global products and services to be marketed in that operator’s territory. Under the terms of these partner market agreements we cooperate with our partners in the development and marketing of certain services. These partnerships create additional revenue through royalty and franchising fees without the need for equity investment. Similar arrangements also exist with a number of our joint ventures, associates and investments.

The results of partner markets are included within Common Functions, together with the net result of unallocated central costs and recharges to the Group’s operations, including royalty fees for the use of the Vodafone brand.

Partnership agreements in place at 31 March 2010, excluding those with our joint ventures, associates and investments, are shown in the table to the right.

Country Operator
Afghanistan Roshan
Armenia MTS
Austria A1
Azerbaijan Azerfon-Vodafone
Bahrain Zain
Belgium Proximus
Bulgaria Mobiltel
Caribbean(1) Digicel
Channel Islands Airtel-Vodafone
Chile Entel
Croatia VIPnet
Cyprus Cytamobile-Vodafone
Denmark TDC
Estonia Elisa
Country Operator
Faroe Islands Vodafone Faroe Islands
Finland Elisa
Honduras Digicel
Hong Kong SmarTone-Vodafone
Iceland Vodafone Iceland
Japan SoftBank
Latvia Bité
Libya Al Madar
Lithuania Bité
Luxembourg Tango
VIP operator
Malaysia Celcom
Norway TDC
Panama Digicel
Country Operator
Russia MTS
Serbia VIP mobile
Singapore M1
Sri Lanka Dialog
Sweden TDC
Switzerland Swisscom
Taiwan Chunghwa
Thailand DTAC
Turkmenistan MTS
Ukraine MTS
United Arab Emirates Du
Uzbekistan MTS
Partnership includes Bermuda and the following countries within the Caribbean: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Curaçao, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, French West Indies, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Samoa, St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands and British Guyana.


The sum of these amounts does not equal Group totals due to Common Functions and intercompany eliminations.
Vodacom refers to the Group’s interest in Vodacom Group Limited (‘Vodacom’) in South Africa and its subsidiaries, including its operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania. It also includes its Gateway services and business network solutions subsidiaries which have customers in more than 40 countries in Africa.
The Group’s customers for Vodacom include 17.1 million customers in South Africa.
Vodacom became a subsidiary on 18 May 2009. The reported revenue growth was 150.3%.
This amount represents the Group’s share of Verizon Wireless’ revenue and is not included in Group revenue as Verizon Wireless is an associate.

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