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Performance at a glance

Vodafone is the world’s leading international mobile communications group by revenue, providing a wide range of communications services.


Service Revenue
  Adjusted operating profit
  Free cash flow(1)
  Capital expenditure
£41.0bn   £11.8bn   £5.7bn   £5.9bn  
15.6% growth   16.7% growth   2.5% growth   16.4% growth  
revenue   profits   cash   capital  

(1) Before licence and spectrum payments.



  Adjusted operating profit(1)
  Operating free cash flow(1)(2)
  Capital expenditure(1)
    revenue   operating Profits   operating cash   capital
    % growth   % growth   % growth   % growth
Europe   13.6   6.8   3.0   14.8
Africa and Central Europe   11.2   (13.3)   (28.5)   (4.9)
Asia Pacific and Middle East   32.3   (0.9)   (100+)   25.6
Verizon Wireless (US)   38.9(3)   44.7        

(1) The sum of these amounts do not equal Group totals due to Common Functions and intercompany eliminations.

(2) Before licence and spectrum payments.

(3) This amount is not included in related Group total as Verizon Wireless is an associated undertaking.

Service revenue

Fixed and other services (£bn)   Service revenue
26.9   4.5   3.0   3.9   38.3
% growth   % growth   % growth   % growth   % growth
11.4   12.8   43.7   37.9   15.9
revenue   services messaging   services data   other services   service revenue

Financial highlights

  • Total dividends per share up 3.5% to 7.77 pence; final dividend per share of 5.20 pence
  • Free cash flow generation remains strong despite economic environment
  • Increased data revenue driven by higher penetration of Vodafone Mobile Broadband cards and handheld business devices for internet and email services
  • Group adjusted operating profit of £11.8 billion before impairment charges of £5.9 billion
  • Verizon Wireless’ Alltel acquisition creates largest US wireless operator, with 87 million customers
  • £1 billion cost reduction programme accelerated; over 65% expected to be achieved in the 2010 financial year

Operational highlights

  • Over 302 million proportionate mobile customers

  • Closing fixed broadband customer base of 4.6 million, up 1 million during the year
  • Touch screen BlackBerry® Storm™ available exclusively to Vodafone’s customers in 11 markets

  • 7.2 Mbps high speed mobile broadband network available in key areas
  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB modem won iF design recognising best product design in the world
  • Invested £48 million in The Vodafone Foundation programmes during the year