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Business impact

CR issues present both risks and opportunities for Vodafone and a broad range of stakeholders are increasingly interested in how Vodafone manages these issues. For example, the Group’s licences to operate are granted by governments that frequently seek evidence of responsible business practices and in many markets consumers are becoming more concerned about CR issues, such as climate change, content standards and mobile phones, masts and health.

The range of stakeholders and the breadth of the issues involved indicate that CR is relevant across all aspects of Vodafone’s activities and therefore the Group seeks to integrate its CR approach into all key business processes.


The CR strategy, which addresses CR issues material to the Group, has the following main strands:

  • to capture the potential of mobile to bring socio-economic value in both emerging economies and developed markets, through broadening access to communications to all sections of society;
  • to deliver against stakeholder expectations on the key areas of climate change, a safe and responsible internet experience and sustainable products and services; and
  • to ensure Vodafone’s operating standards are of a consistent and appropriate level across the Group.

Key CR strategic objectives

Safe and responsible