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What to look for in an office suite

The major office suites available today from Google and Microsoft have a strong position in document creation, with rich spreadsheet maths tools; professional document layout formats for newsletters and presentation content creativity. Between them, they dominate the market for cloud based office applications, with users around the world familiar with their editing, creation and email capabilities.

In originating new materials, few of us work in isolation, relying on ideas, input and even permission from the team. In addition, with Flexible Working, we have the opportunity to work with skilled people in different locations at different times. So, we need an office suite that includes tools to enable dispersed teams to work collaboratively.

Here’s why this is important. Creating a draft document and emailing to colleagues for comment can create a chain of disconnected feedback and ideas which can be hard to interpret and deal with. Collating feedback piece by piece is resource and time intensive.

Collaborating on the fly and including contributions from colleagues can be very rewarding, designs are completed earlier, and more stakeholders kept onside.

Inbuilt web-conferencing, desktop sharing and editing tools ensure that everyone can contribute, right now. Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Google Hangouts enable users to share the same information, the same comments and the same result, instantly.

When combined with communication tools available on the move or at the desk, contributors do not all need to be using the same devices or working in the office. Catching colleagues between meetings, you are much more likely to engage with busy contributors than before.

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