Vodafone International Enterprise

The local service with the world’s largest reach

Vodafone International Enterprise

Vodafone International Enterprise (VIE) are here to support you. We make it simple for you to support your customers with any international requirements.

VIE solutions: Why should you choose VIE

Managing international communications

Our Team provide a simple model to address international needs across the whole Vodafone Footprint. We make our best-in-breed services available right across our unmatched global footprint – to help you become a Ready Business. It’s the simple, consistent and efficient way to procure and manage communications for your entire organisation.

So you can increase operational agility, improve customer engagement and better connect your employees. Dealing with multiple communications providers can be complicated and inefficient. It’s time consuming, costly and difficult to get a complete overall picture of how your network is operating.


Vodafone International Enterprise is about making international communications simple. Wherever you operate, however much your local needs may vary, we’ll be there to meet them all with a consistent level of dedication.

Using multiple service providers to supply communications to all your overseas locations can present some complex management challenges – and that’s once you’ve got through the headache of procurement.


Breaking down the communication barrier

Vodafone International has been designed to give you a single, simple solution for all your global communications needs – offering you a local service with the world’s widest reach. You’ll have:


Why Vodafone

Vodafone operates in 26 countries – and partner with networks in 55 more. So it’s likely that wherever you are, we are too. With our unmatched capabilities in fixed and mobile technologies, you can be sure that whatever your various international arms need to succeed, Vodafone can provide it. We can deliver connectivity, speed and resilience that you can depend on.

VIE Benefits

The benefits of going with a single provider are obvious. But you also need to know that your chosen provider is going to offer all the services you need to become a Ready Business – and that those services are of outstanding quality.

Simplified procurement & management

Clearer view of your worldwide spend

Reduced TCO

Greater efficiencies

Easier resolution of problems and issues

A local portfolio of products to meet local need

Did you know?

We have already been recognised by the industry, wining
Best New Product or Service of the Year
(Telecommunications – Services category) at the 2016 Stevie Awards.

As a global communication provider, Vodafone has unrivalled global reach: 83 countries

Enhance your business with better

International reach

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