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Optimise your PBX infrastructure

Across the globe, multinationals face complex challenges. The ever-growing demand for more flexible and agile working methods is putting increased stresses and strains on organisations already hampered by legacy systems and over-complicated IT structures and processes.

Many of our customers want to move away from fixed line systems and integrate devices like tablets and smartphones into their work. To do that they need to have a clear idea of where their company is starting from – without that knowledge the move can easily result in disjointed systems that fail to deliver their full potential.

Adding to the confusion, many organisations have multiple PBX systems with different suppliers and contracts across countless locations. The result: excessive costs and lack of control.

Find out where you are on the journey

Before making the move forward, it's a good idea to take a step back and evaluate your current global telecoms estate. In that way you'll be able to see where you are, and where you want to be.

With Vodafone PBX Inventory Manager you'll gain complete visibility over your current PBX capability. It will help you simplify supplier management and make cost savings through consolidation. You can move to a cloud-based utility model and integrate PBX islands. Eliminate legacy PBX equipment and deliver joined-up communications for your workforce.


An essential tool in your communications planning

If you are looking to evaluate your current infrastructure, moving towards cloud-based communications or planning any business changes such as office moves, site changes or integrating new technology, Vodafone PBX Inventory Manager is an essential tool.

Secure, fast and automated

  • Fast – automatic 'set up once, run many' capability means reduced run-time and fewer engineer call-outs.
  • Accurate – automated data retrieval eliminates human error and delivers more detailed reports.
  • Secure – reports can be customised to your preference and can be remotely viewed via secure URL.
  • Comprehensive – we scan all major switchboard manufacturers and models to give you a complete picture.
  • Multiple access methods such as Modem and Dial-Up are also covered in reports.
  • Cost effective – we believe the service will pay for itself. Match your telephone system assets to your maintenance contracts so you avoid excessive and unnecessary maintenance costs. Gather information more accurately and efficiently than current means, such as manual DIY audits or engineer visits. Optimise your system to meet current and future needs.
  • Future proof – customisable reports can be tailored to allow migration to new technologies, while one vendor means no integration issues.