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Your IT and communications network has become more and more critical to your business success. This is driven by the explosion in business applications, big data, video, hosted desktops, intranets, shared workspaces, email and much more. This increased usage means all businesses; from SoHo to multinational corporations require more bandwidth that is secure and reliable.

That’s where Vodafone can help with our IP Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) solution. Developed specifically for SMEs, your business will have an enterprise-grade private Wide Area Network (WAN) solution to connect your sites, people, customers and third parties together.

In doing this, you can instantly improve your business processes and procedures, increase the speed at which you work and ensure that your people have continuous and constant access to the business tools they require.

With all your data, voice and video communications with Vodafone, you can be assured of a reliable and secure network that will grow with your business.

Vodafone IP-VPN is already used by businesses around the globe, so get in touch to find out how you can benefit too.


With our national operating companies, our global fixed and mobile networks as well as a growing number of data centres, we are able to bring a plethora of benefits directly to our customers.

By converging all your communications into a single, future-proofed, intelligent network solution, your ongoing business costs will reduce. And what’s more, knowing that you are using a highly reliable and secure network, will allow you can focus on growing your business, whilst we monitor your network.

As your business expands you may need to add new sites and users, or change the features you have available; or indeed you may wish to connect your suppliers, customers and partners securely as well. All of this is possible with Vodafone IP-VPN, as we understand that your requirements may change and we work with you to ensure that our network continues to support you.

The Vodafone network is extensive, already connecting 32 countries directly, and 150 via our established carrier partnerships, with national fixed networks in the UK, Germany, Spain, India and South Africa.

Changing supplier, or making the move to a private network is a big decision for a SME, that’s why we offer professional services, including solution design, project management and service management to ensure that you get exactly what is right for your business.

Contact us to find out how you can network better with Vodafone IP-VPN