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With Google Apps for Work from Vodafone, you have the reassurance of our reliable and trusted worldwide mobile and internet connectivity that links colleague to colleague, mobile to laptop.

For Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), Vodafone provides a range of tablets and smartphone as well as data bundles for remote working so that you can use Google Apps wherever you are and on whatever device.

If your team is widely dispersed, this will no longer be an inhibitor to excellent collaboration and communication. With Google Apps for Work, documents are all securely stored in the cloud so you’ll be able to produce, share and collaborate easily, from anywhere on any device.

Vodafone pulls the products together into a single solution so that you know your people have all the tools they need to work more effectively, no matter where they are, enabling them to concentrate on growing your business.

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Google Apps for Work by Vodafone delivers many benefits. You will immediately see your people’s productivity improve as they have fast and easy access to the tools they need. Combined with One Net Business, your communications with customers, suppliers and colleagues will become more responsive and effective.

Access to information from anywhere means that you can quickly and easily respond to your customers; and importantly your teams know that they are always accessing the most up-to-date documents as everything is stored and synchronised in the cloud.

Effective workgroup collaboration helps improve customer service as well as productivity. With Google Apps for Work, you can collaborate through team workspaces, online video meetings and shared documents so that your employees can work better together.

With a predictable, per-user monthly fee, you can budget accurately based on individual user profiles. And being supported by an online portal, user set up and service management are very simple.

Of course all this is provided within the highly secure and reliable Vodafone infrastructure.

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