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Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung captures driver data in real-time

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung is equipped to be at the forefront of innovative ‘smart waste management’, powered by Vodafone IoT.

SystemOne connects healthcare data

SystemOne aims to create a central nervous system for healthcare in the developing world. The company’s solutions connect remote clinics to central labs and the entire supply chain, digitising the flow of healthcare data.

IMA optimises roadside assistance

IMA Italia Assistance Group is using real-time data to monitor roadside assistance across the Italian motorway network, ensuring assistance gets quickly to those who call for help.

Württembergische Versicherung telematics app digitises insurance

Württembergische Versicherung offers tailored car insurance policies and increases road safety via Vodafone Automotive’s innovative app and telematics platform.

Vodafone Ireland drives employee safety

There is growing pressure on employers to demonstrate a duty of care to its employees. The safety of drivers is one area of concern. Vodafone Ireland is embracing this opportunity, rolling out a tracking solution from Vodafone Automotive

Security, flexible growth and faster data transfer for GIP

The proof of a successful project is in how those involved approach the future together. And the story of GIP and Vodafone is a happy one.

Emergency One

Vodafone's managed connectivity services allows Emergency One to offer revolutionary connected fire trucks to UK fire and rescue services.

Ekso Bionics improves patient mobility

The Ekso GT supports patient recovery following stroke or spinal cord injuries. Its creators at Ekso Bionics chose Vodafone IoT to connect all medical devices globally, using the same SIM for all exoskeletons.

Find new ways to expand your business globally with Vodafone

Read how Vodafone helped HomyHub to expand their start-up into the global market

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