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Never Miss a Call Again

Have you lost business because customers called and found your sales teams were busy? In a competitive world, it is easy for buyers to give up and try the next supplier on a list when no one answers their call.

However, it is hard to deal with existing customers, give them full attention, and at the same time be always ready for the next enquiry. Multiple numbers, desk phones versus mobiles and taking orders on the move: it can be tough to juggle different inputs and conflicting demands on your time.

Buyers can get frustrated with leaving messages or working their way through self-service or IVR commands (“press 1 for support . . . “). If a sales person is busy, wouldn’t it be great if the call automatically went to someone who was able to help right now?

That’s why we developed One Net family of products. Designed to hunt through your list of experts quickly, the service routes calls to the first person available to take incoming enquiries, ensuring that your customer gets attention fast. With Fixed and Mobile Convergence, your employees are always in contact, on the devices of their choice.

Find out how Vodafone Treasury department keeps in contact with financial institutions in the case study below and find out more about the One Net family of products.

One Net Business – optimised for small and medium sized organisations

One Net Enterprise for large national or multinational organisations