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What is M2M?

Turning remote objects into intelligent assets

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M2M is transforming real businesses


M2M turns objects into intelligent assets

man fixing things way high up on a celluar tower

M2M uses a range of technologies to create intelligent assets. First, sensors and other electronic devices are attached to a remote machine. Depending on the machine’s particular function, they capture relevant data, such as temperature or speed. This is transmitted wirelessly from a SIM integrated in the device to a central server, where it is translated into meaningful information. In response, messages can then be sent the other way to change the way the machine is behaving. For example: the machine is running too fast; slow it down.

Enter the world of M2M

The internet of things is on the rise and forward thinking companies are adopting this technology in their thousands on a daily basis. Find out how machine to machine technology from Vodafone can ensure your business keeps up with the next industrial and technical revolution.

M2M applications

Vodafone M2M is helping businesses in every industry sector

M2M projects are highly specialised and specific to particular industries, requiring expert knowledge of each sector as well as of general systems development issues. Working together with Vodafone we can help grow your business ready for today and tomorrow.

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