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Monitoring and management are keys to success


Avoiding risks and increasing control

Industrial Container Cargo freight ship with working crane bridge in shipyard with truck top view

At any given time, more than 15 million containers are travelling through international waters or waiting to clear customs. These deliveries face many risks including delays, diversion, theft, physical damage and even piracy. In the past, cross-continental transit typically meant loss of visibility.

Overall fleet costs continue to be the top challenge facing commercial fleet managers, followed closely by fuel price volatility. Other top challenges include increasing fleet safety and reducing preventable accident rates, finding cost-effective ways to green a fleet, and addressing ways to increase driver and fleet department productivity.


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Visibility brings success

Smart M2M solutions are now being used to maintain a seamless overview of the physical location and status of vehicles and assets throughout the supply chain whose whereabouts are time-critical, and whose unavailability could affect revenue or customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

jets at the gate

eGate improves global passenger experience with Vodafone M2M

Case studies09/03/2015

eGate is a solutions provider to the airline and rail industry. To improve the passenger experience it is striving to deliver the fastest, most accurate on-board data to suppliers. Managed M2M connectivity from Vodafone is central to this. To outsiders, the airline industry may retain a glamorous image. To those on the inside it is an extremely competitive, low margin battle. The difference between profit and loss can be the revenues created from on-board sales.

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Globe Tracker and Vodafone M2M transform the global supply chain with a breakthrough asset tracking solution

Case studies29/04/2014

Since its formation in 2006, Globe Tracker (GT) has opened offices and development centres in China, Denmark, Iceland and the US. After five years of intensive research and development GT is now a leading provider of secure trade data sharing, data analytics and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment.

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Sycada gets the Netherlands moving smarter

Case studies07/02/2014

Sycada gets the Netherlands moving smarter: Greener buses, happier drivers, safer passengers

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Track4Services launches innovative Taxi Wi-Fi service with Vodafone M2M

Case studies14/11/2013

Track4Services needed to find a reliable way to connect London taxis to its new sponsored Wi-Fi service. It also needed to make sure the service would be commercially viable.

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Bosch thinks like Vodafone: communication matters

Case studies28/08/2013

Two strong partners are what it takes to provide new business models and services for the Internet of Things.

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Vodafone created a solution tailored to Movimatica, with different roaming options

Case studies11/07/2013

Providing remote tracking and monitoring services for plant vehicles.

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