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Guard expensive assets using innovative technology


Security camera detecting the movement of traffic

Increasing or updating the security of buildings and assets can often be thought of as an increased cost and, for many businesses this is not an area where it’s easy to justify installing intricate and sometimes expensive alarm systems. Unfortunately it is a fact that the installation of traditional fixed line connections to alarms and cameras is expensive and takes time. Guarding expensive assets using man power can add to already high wage bills. In addition to this criminals are becoming more shrewd, learning how to outsmart older security systems. Suppliers in all areas of the security industry are now looking to supply security devices to their customers that are easy to install and cheaper to run.

Remote Monitoring & Control Service from Vodafone M2M

See how our Remote Monitoring and Control (RMCS) solution works, how it benefits customers and how it could be used to innovate your organisation.


A new, more effective approach

Security camera detecting the movement of traffic

Using wireless technology, M2M enabled devices, cameras and alarms can be constantly connected to the emergency services or private monitoring stations. There’s no wires to snip so the connection is much harder to break, and if the device is disconnected an alarm can be sent immediately.

In addition because no wires are required to connect the device it can be deployed in remote locations increasing the overall reach of your security net. Expenses assets can be tracked in real time so that an alarm can be triggered if the asset is suddenly moved or takes the wrong route.

M2M is allowing the security industry to move to a new way of providing the latest technology to their clients which is simple to install and adaptable to a wide range of applications without the need for a large workforce or prohibitive investment costs.

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