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M2M addresses the growing challenges of global cities


Intelligent approaches to urban issues

Summer panorama of the financial district in Frankfurt, Germany;

Smart Cities are necessary to adapt to the demand of urban growth. M2M technology lies at the heart of a smart city, improving the lives of the citizens within it. Imaginative and collaborative partnerships between local authorities, utilities, universities and the private sector – whether it is bus companies or software providers – are critical to make smart cities a reality.


Realising the potential new ways of thinking

M2M technology is enabling new approaches to the daily challenges of urban life. From public transport to public safety, it is changing the way we interact with our environment.

Case Studies


Project Surya builds a compelling case for domestic carbon reduction with Vodafone M2M

Case studies17/06/2015

Project Surya aims to mitigate the regional impacts of global warming by immediately and demonstrably reducing atmospheric concentrations of black carbon, methane, and ozone. The project focus is on replacing biomass burning inefficient cook stoves traditionally employed in rural areas, with clean-cooking technologies.

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Smart Parking eases parking headaches with Vodafone M2M

Case studies25/11/2014

A prized spot on your trip to the supermarket. A valuable city centre resource and revenue generator. The parking space is many things to many people. Remote monitoring now allows parking operators to better manage spaces, connecting drivers with new retail and city services. For operators it’s not an empty space, it’s an opportunity.

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GridTEQ resolves roaming billing and SIM management headache with Vodafone Global M2M Platform

Case studies22/07/2014

21st century travellers expect unlimited Wi-Fi. For example, delivering Wi-Fi in a coach requires the Wi-Fi router to communicate with the service delivery engine and intelligently change the Wi-Fi services as the location of the vehicle changes. All without requiring manual intervention.

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Coming to a street near you soon: the world’s smartest bin

Case studies16/01/2014

Vodafone provides Ecube Labs with M2M SIM cards that provide wireless connectivity to the Clean Cube smart bin, helping organisations to manage waste collection more efficiently and keep the streets clean.

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New Zealand's iDefigo takes remote security solutions to the world

Case studies25/11/2013

Having identified a security niche, remote locations where infrastructure is not available, iDefigo is now taking its “Mi5 Security” low-power, mobile solution into smart cities around the world. Vodafone provides the connectivity and strategic guidance to go global.

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Venis S.p.A Case Study

Case studies20/03/2013

City of Venice: Venis S.p.A. and Vodafone - working for efficiency in the civil service.

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