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Monitoring and Control

Real-time analysis of remote assets creates exciting new business opportunities

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Driving value from Data


Vodafone puts you back in control

With Vodafone’s Monitoring and Control solutions you have real time visibility of the condition and status of assets and a single global view, putting you back in control no matter where your assets are. These multi-purpose, multi-functional solutions are specifically designed to remove cost and inefficiency from worldwide asset monitoring. Managed by our Machine to Machine platform and with Vodafone’s global mobile network at the core, our remote monitoring and control solutions are proven, tested, global and relevant to multiple industry sectors.

They offer:

  • Complete control, visibility and real-time view over all assets
  • Reduced machinery down-time thanks to conditional monitoring and foresighted maintenance
  • Significant cost savings in maintenance, logistics, service and repair
  • Ability to identify behaviour modifications to lower energy usage and keep costs down
  • Improve and expand product and service portfolio, offering new and differentiated business models to increase revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Greater information on product performance, consumer behaviour and sales performance giving insight for product marketing and on promotion effectiveness
  • A fast return on investment