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Integrated M2M Terminals

Unrivalled capabilities deliver unprecedented benefits
Designed for a wide range of applications

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From air conditioning units to point of sale kiosks, digital signage and security systems, Vodafone Integrated M2M Terminals, with embedded connectivity, deliver secure, transparent, reliable information exchange between devices, corporate networks and users.

Vodafone Integrated M2M Terminals are pre tested, pre-configured bundles of hardware and connectivity services, with support from a single source, designed for a wide assortment of M2M applications.

machine link 3g

Vodafone MachineLink 3G

The Vodafone MachineLink 3G is a compact HSPA+ router for M2M applications that provides optimised IP data network access anywhere there’s 2G or 3G network coverage.

 Download the Vodafone MachineLink 3G Brochure

Download the Vodafone MachineLink 3G Datasheet

machine link 3g plus

Vodafone MachineLink 3G Plus

Vodafone MachineLink 3G Plus is a 3G pentaband modem and router with GPS offering multiple connectivity options including Ethernet, Serial (RS232/422/485) and USB 2.0 port

Designed to support mission-critical M2M applications in areas such as remote healthcare, vending, wireless Ethernet, automation and digital signage, MachineLink 3G Plus ensures a secure and reliable connection that integrates Vodafone connectivity and multi-level system monitoring.

Download the Vodafone MachineLink 3G Plus Datasheet

Machinelink 3g

Vodafone USB Connect

Vodafone USB Connect is a 3G quad-band, USB 2.0 modem with internal diversity antenna and option for external antenna.
Specifically designed for M2M and with extended temperature and humidity resistance, it supports OTA configuration, diagnostics and firmware update via the Vodafone Global M2M Platform.

Download the Vodafone USB Connect Datasheet

SW-GL61x0 Pers medium

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ GL61x0

The Sierra Wireless AirLink™ GL61x0 is an industrial 2G GPRS modem. It is available in two variants with either a serial or a USB interface. The device is typically controlled by AT commands and offers limited programming capability through OpenAT™. With its compact form factor it fits easily into existing equipment and machinery and is therefore a cost efficient solution for M2M applications and the replacement of legacy modems.

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ GL61x0

Digi-transport WR21

Digi Transport WR21

This 3G Multi-function router provides true enterprise-class routing with security and firewall support and remote management software.

The cost-efficient 3G router solution is specialized POS/ATM support and enables wireline replacement with ethernet connectivity.

Digi Transport WR21

Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT09

Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT09

The compact, programmable 2G Modem is suitable for remotely controlling equipment like pumps, compressors, vending machines and security applications with low bandwith. It is easy to connect to existing applications and programmable for specific customer needs.

Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT09

M2M application

We make it easier to do business

Embedded connectivity enables you to accelerate time to market for a wide range of connected M2M applications such as:

  • Remote monitoring and control - remote monitoring of machines and devices (air conditioning systems, compressors, pumps, gas engines).
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance - ATM and other financial applications.
  • Public safety and public transport systems.
  • Vodafone Global M2M SIM card already inserted for quick and easy start-up.
  • Health - Medical and industrial applications.
  • Business Continuity - Primary and back-up wireless connections for near 100% up-time.
  • Retail - Rapidly deployable wireless payment solutions.
  • Digital Signage - Eliminate landlines and reach your customers in more locations.
  • Small Office - affordable and reliable 2G and 3G connections for small and temporary offices.
  • Security/Surveillance - connect IP surveillance cameras over mobile broadband.
  • Energy and Utilities - monitor and control remote industrial equipment.

Features and benefits

Market-leading technology

Rio De Janeiro

Vodafone Integrated M2M Terminals feature:

  • M2M communication hardware from world market leaders such as Sierra Wireless and Digi International
  • Tested and pre-configured bundle delivery for instant usage with Vodafone Global M2M Platform
  • Professional support for both M2M hardware and M2M connectivity from a single source
  • Shipment to country of choice