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How M2M can help you

Insight and ideas on how it can transform your business

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M2M technology can make an impact right across your business

Operational Efficiency

Business optimisation

Businessman using laptop in a restaurant

Every business looks to save money by optimising processes. And M2M solutions can make a substantial contribution. For example, the installationsand running costs of an M2M tracking solution are soon covered by the recovery of one misplaced diesel generator.

Here are some of the ways our customers are optimising their business with our M2M solutions:

  • Remote monitoring and analytics reduce the cost of failure, minimise the need for routine maintenance visits and catch problems before they affect the customer
  • Accurate information is delivered in real time, enabling quicker business decisions, less downtime and better production yield
  • Information can be collected automatically and systems maintained and repaired remotely, enabling engineers to manage their time more effectively
  • Asset tracking prevents theft, helps recover lost assets, monitors asset status and makes inventory easy to manage
  • Vodafone has saved at least £2 million annually on its UK energy bills through automated monitoring of energy consumption at its base stations with Bglobal


Create new business models


M2M technology can transform your operations – but it can also unleash new business potential. By giving you access to instant, invaluable information, it can help you change direction, innovate and create new revenue streams.

Here are some of the ways our customers are exploring new opportunities:

  • BMW has deployed M2M in new cars to give customers access to innovative in-car services
  • Infomobility and Vodafone have enabled real-time in-vehicle monitoring to open the door to new pay-as-you drive insurance policies
  • Connectivity in e-readers is transforming what is published, where it is published, who can access written material and where it can be read, not to mention who is doing the publishing
  • M2M enables businesses to track and record the work each asset does, its lifespan and its performance. This permits a shift to new charging models. Instead of paying upfront to buy equipment, clients can be charged for the output they receive — whether it’s per passenger transported by an escalator, per watt-hour generated by a solar panel, or per scan by an MRI machine
  • M2M enables businesses to move away from selling products to selling services

Customer Satisfaction

Improving the customer experience

Woman working in call center

M2M technology is making it possible for organisations in every kind of industry to engage with their customers in new, more rewarding ways. Ongoing communication with supply chain partners and end-customers helps you better understand their needs, improve customer service and provide opportunities for additional value-added services.

Here are some of the ways our customers are improving customer service:

  • eCall, which enables vehicles involved in an accident to automatically send out a call for help to the emergency services
  • Collecting data from smart meters leads to accurate billing, a transparent process and happier customers
  • M2M allows for proactive maintenance models rather than repair breaks
  • Usage patterns and other data help develop next-generation products that reflect customer needs

Compliance & Sustainability


Sunset aerial panoramic view on stunning mountains of Lofoten islands

M2M can help you comply with regulations affecting the movement of people and goods, and sustainability.

For example, M2M technology is key in implementing the European regulation that requires auto manufacturers to have cellular connectivity to support mandatory emergency call systems. We are also helping Enexix, one of the largest energy network operators in the Netherlands, to comply with a European Union directive that at least 80% of homes must be equipped with smart metering systems to monitor electricity consumption. We are providing them with a reliable and secure communications infrastructure to support this.


M2M is playing a significant role in helping to create a more sustainable society. Real-time presence data can so be used to optimise energy use for heating, air conditioning, lighting and other building functions. M2M enables intelligent transport, lighting and waste management systems to dramatically reduce energy use. It can increase manufacturing process efficiency, support predictive maintenance and optimise order fulfilment. All of which help cut costs, energy use and carbon emissions.

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