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M2M helps manage the challenges of cost and efficiency


Providing a modern approach to healthcare

Senior woman in ambulance receiving emergency medical care

Global aging demographics and a worldwide chronic disease epidemic are driving a vast economic cost burden to healthcare. This is forcing healthcare providers to find new ways to maintain the current quality of patient care. Moving costs and care away from the hospital and primary care environment, we are providing a modern approach to healthcare through our Remote Care Services solutions. In three core areas, Condition Management, Hospital to Home, and Assisted Living, we are not only addressing productivity and cost challenges, but also enabling improvements in both patient care and quality of life for patients. IoT monitoring and tracking solutions also help to maintain medical and lab equipment more effectively through real-time notification of potential issues.


In the area of clinical research, Vodafone IoT health solutions offer a more effective way of collecting data to speed up testing and compliance, reduce development time and enhance the quality of information used in bringing a new and effective treatment to market.


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M2M at the centre of healthcare

M2M is becoming an integral part of patient care, helping to cut costs as well as save lives. Sensors in the bathroom, by the bed or near the door can collect information without compromising the individual's privacy. Remote monitoring devices can be used to allow physicians to remotely monitor information about patients with chronic illness such as cardiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Case Studies


Diabetacare helps people manage their diabetes using Vodafone M2M

Case studies14/11/2014

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputations and kidney failure. It is estimated that 8% of the global population is diabetic. In 2013 the economic cost of diabetes globally was estimated at $548 billion. Managing diabetes can be a complex activity for both patients and healthcare professionals. Diabetacare aims to help. It is trialling a new blood-sugar level device with remote monitoring capability across 800 patients in Bangalore, India.

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Philips and medic assist create next-generation AED services, using Vodafone M2M connectivity

Case studies08/10/2014

Sudden cardiac arrest is the most common cause of out-of-hospital deaths in the western world. Emergency services often take more than 10 minutes to arrive and are therefore too late to deliver the necessary life-saving techniques. However with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), everyone can help save lives.

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Sensormind provides peace of mind for relatives and those that care for the elderly

Case studies21/03/2014

Sensormind, powered by Vodafone, allows carers and relatives of the elderly peace of mind and visibility of their loved ones.

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TRxCARE and Vodafone help improve patient care and protect healthcare budgets

Case studies28/02/2013

As a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine solutions Vodafone is the obvious partner of choice for TRxCARE, a global provider of individualised treatment delivery services. Vodafone is supporting TRxCARE with dedicated mobile devices, data SIMs and applications, backed by its unrivalled network connectivity.

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Mobile-Web Based Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes for a Smoking Cessation Study

Case studies21/08/2012

Our mobile-web based PRO solution was leveraged to meet the challenges of a large clinical trial sponsor with respect to the timing of PRO data capture for a Phase 2 Smoking Cessation study.

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