Vodafone created a solution tailored to Movimatica, with different roaming options.

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Case Studies | July 2013

Providing remote tracking and monitoring services for plant vehicles


Business Need

Movimatica is a division of the Merlo Group, the Italian plant vehicle manufacturer. It supplies geo-location products to Merlo and other customers, across Europe. Movimatica wanted to offer a new product with the ability to remotely monitor vehicle performance. It would use this information to carry out remote maintenance checks, boosting the vehicles’ reputation in the market.

  • Remote tracking and monitoring of plant vehicles
  • Scalability to support future international expansion
  • Improve security tracking of high-value plant vehicles
  • Reliable coverage to ensure uninterrupted transmission of vehicle usage data

"Vodafone M2M changed the nature of the project. The solution has been created for us, not simply acquired 'off the shelf'. It has shown us effeciencies in our business that will be here for many years." Marco Mattioli,

CEO, Movimatica

The Solution

Vodafone created a solution tailored to Movimatica, with different roaming options. The customer has the option to use one SIM with either one network across Europe or individual networks in each country. A third option, one SIM and one network for each country, is also possible. The installation cost is relatively low in comparison to the vehicle’s high value and more than 5,000 units are expected to be rolled out in year one. Technicians will now have remote access to monitor the vehicles’ mechanical performance, enabling them to gather data for future product development. The SIMs provide security tracking and Merlo can offer a higher added value to its customers.

Key customer benefits

  • Product differentiation: Movimatica can offer customers the ability to track vehicles, monitor technical performance and remotely resolve mechanical problems.
  • Budget control: Fixed costs on installation and clear billing on usage help with forecasting Movimatica’s future growth.
  • International reach: Vodafone’s coverage and international reach supports Movimatica plans to roll out across Europe.
  • Status: As Movimatica is one part of the Merlo business, delivering this added value service has boosted its credibility within the group.