GridTEQ resolves roaming billing and SIM management headache with Vodafone Global M2M Platform

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Case study | July 2014

21st century travellers expect unlimited Wi-Fi. For example, delivering Wi-Fi in a coach requires the Wi-Fi router to communicate with the service delivery engine and intelligently change the Wi-Fi services as the location of the vehicle changes. All without requiring manual intervention.


Business Need

“Today, you’ll find SIMs present in all sorts of devices. In five years’ time there will be billions of SIMs, all of which will need managing, all of which will need billing,” says Karl McCaffrey, GridTEQ, CEO. “As communications billing experts, we want to make it easy for companies to self-manage their SIM estate. We then want to provide them with deep analytics for all of their data to allow them to make intelligent decisions and to charge for the services delivered.”


GridTEQ have developed a high capacity, powerful and secure solution that can provide and analyse the information from tens of thousands of SIMs. The Vodafone Global M2M Platform provides the layer of functionality necessary to create a seamless Wi-Fi experience, while selecting the most cost effective and best performance connections dynamically.

Business Benefits

  • Enables seamless Wi-Fi experience across multiple borders throughout Europe, and allows global expansion plans
  • Provides real-time views of data usage, billing and SIM control from a single platform
  • Bundles data usage across multiple devices, allowing capacity to be directed where needed
  • Proven and operational solution managing 1,000 devices in 1,000 coaches by the end of 2014

"The Vodafone agreement means we can funnel unused data capacity to wherever and whenever it’s needed. For the traveller it means a seamless Wi-Fi experience. The data usage volumes we are monitoring and reporting on suggest that customers are happily making use of this service." Nick Kavanagh,

Operations Director, GridTEQ