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About KORE Global Connect™
KORE, in partnership with leading multi-national cellular and satellite carrier partners, offers KORE Global Connect. Featuring GSM-based, cellular M2M communications services available in more than 180 countries throughout the world and low-Earth satellite services enabling 100 percent global coverage, KORE offers an unparalleled network coverage footprint. Unlike other providers who rely upon complex, limiting and often expensive international roaming agreements to provide similar services, KORE provides Tier 1, in-country network connectivity for the highest availability and streamlined billing.

KORE is the world’s largest wireless network provider of M2M network services; providing a single point of integration and support with access to multiple carriers around the world. KORE offers the most comprehensive combination of M2M data plans and coverage. All carriers are managed via a single business management platform, PRiSMPro. In addition, customers can integrated PRiSMPro functionality directly into their internal systems via the PRiSMPro APIs.

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Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Energy & utilities, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Health, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Security, Transport & logisitics


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