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“Private cloud has an important role to play in the IT landscape over the next few years.” Mette Ahorlu,

Research Director, IDC European Services

Vodafone Private Cloud reduces your costs, with a secure, fully-managed and high performance IT platform, exclusively for your use. It relieves you of the cost and burden of managing your own infrastructure, while its reliability and flexibility help enhance your business agility. And we’ll even manage the migration process.

About Private Cloud

Secure enterprise-grade IT services are critical to the success of organisations today. However, with the pressure to do more with less, keeping IT infrastructure in-house is no longer cost-effective. It also limits future expansion and business agility, and prevents the company’s IT team focusing on higher value tasks.

Private Cloud gives you a reliable, secure and fully-managed IT platform with lower total cost of ownership. This provides greater levels of agility and flexibility, together with the assurance it’s for your use only. You can also combine Private Cloud with our other secure networking, Flexible Computing and Storage solutions to form part of a hybrid cloud service to make your organisation even more competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Private Cloud is easily scalable and flexes with your needs, so rest assured, you have a platform that’s genuinely future-proof. You can add and remove capacity as you need it and enjoy complete peace of mind that comes with round-the-clock support and service, and SLAs offering up to 100% availability.

Add to this, our IT Transformation Service and you can quickly see how and where you could benefit from Vodafone hosting services. We use a structured methodology to understand your cost and service requirements and give you answers fast.

Business benefits

Save time and resources by turning your own infrastructure into a dedicated, flexible and cost-effective service that drives growth

With Vodafone Private Cloud, you’ll benefit from an optimised IT infrastructure without the need for up-front investment. Building your own Private Cloud hosted with Vodafone will save time and resources and sharpen your competitive edge:

  • Cost-effective – we provide the infrastructure, you reduce your IT TCO. Plus high levels of virtualisation, economies of scale, and strong supplier relationships help to keep costs low
  • Secure – along with a team of 800 solely focused on security across Vodafone, we provide Private Cloud from our highly secure data centres and protect it with our extensive range of security services. We offer up to IL3 accreditation and ISO27001 certification
  • Fully-managed and reliable – as well as freeing up your IT people to focus on core business activities, our fully managed Infrastructure ensures dependable performance that’s managed and monitored 24/7
  • Agile – respond to your business needs quickly, without compromising reliability, performance or security. Changes are quick and easy, while self-service options give you access and control your resources
  • High performing – industry-leading technology, combined with our high-performance, high-bandwidth network, provides enterprise-standard performance
  • Supportive – consider our support services as an extension of your own IT function, including one point of contact, capacity and performance reporting and management, service continuity and technical enhancements
  • Seamless migration – our Professional Services team will design the best Private Cloud solution for you, help you build a business case, and guide you through the migration process