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Keep track of your energy use, wherever you operate. Vodafone Energy Data Management gives you the tools and the knowledge you need to become more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Data Management

Vodafone makes a complex task easy. We can help you keep track of what type of energy you're using, where, and for what purpose. We monitor when energy is actually needed and when it’s being wasted, and can even show you if you’re on the right tariff.

We install smart meters and data loggers to gather comprehensive and near real-time data about energy use, the impact of different systems on consumption, along with other factors such as the weather and humidity. You can then use this up-to-date and detailed picture to improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

Our M2M energy team works with organisations all round the world and has solutions in place to help your business, including energy monitoring, management systems and data analysis.

Some companies have seen a 40% reduction in their energy bills due to EDM.

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Business benefits

Stay on top of your energy use

Vodafone Energy Data Management (EDM) brings a range of business benefits:

  • Reduces energy costs – EDM gives you the insight to see how and where you’re wasting energy on site, so you can change processes, educate staff or upgrade facilities. EDM has saved some companies 40% in energy bills
  • Cuts billing errors – EDM gives you the detailed data to challenge bills, negotiate better tariffs and plan budgets better
  • Protects the environment – EDM moves your company towards a more long-term sustainable use of energy with lower carbon emissions – also helping you meet government regulations and save on green taxes
  • Return on investment – the savings you identify through EDM can see a return on your investment in under a year
  • Strengthens your corporate brand – a commitment to sustainability can strengthen your corporate brand and reputation, and make you a more attractive employer
  • Expert support – we’ll help you implement an intelligent energy and carbon management programme. Our four-stage process ensures any EDM solution fits your business and the way you use energy