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Transform your retail display cabinets, such as drinks fridges, chillers and ice cream freezers, into connected, sales-generating intelligent assets. Ones that can report their location, operational status and stock levels in real time.

Our Connected Cabinets solutions is a managed, end-to-end solution and offers a reliable, high quality service designed to remotely monitor and manage a large number of remote cabinets.

Robust and low cost, Connected Cabinets scrutinises your assets and transmits collected data at specified times back to Vodafone’s data centre. You can then access this data in real-time using Vodafone’s Global M2M Platform.

Connected Cabinets uses Vodafone's network strength and global reach in both developed and developing markets to provide real-time, dynamic information. As a leader in M2M solutions, we have the devices to capture data, the networks to deliver it, and the applications to turn it into information and valuable business insight.

Using our devices, fitted to cabinets at manufacture or retro-fitted, you can take control of your chillers, cabinets and freezers to cut costs, optimise stock levels and increase sales.

Visit our dedicated website for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions

Business benefits

Monitor your assets in the field

Take control of your chillers, cabinets and freezers and get them working for your business:

  • Reduce losses – monitor unauthorised moves, cut thefts and reduce paperwork errors and prevent stores from using your cabinets for competitor products
  • Increase sales – real-time and historical sales and operational data help ensure cabinets are stocked with the right high-quality products at the right time
  • Improve operational costs – reports and alerts provide an unprecedented view of your cabinets, so you can identify points of waste (of time, money and resources) and improve your operations accordingly
  • More efficient repairs – troubleshoot cabinet devices remotely, change internal settings, reboot and run diagnostic test. Knowing what and when and where faults occur helps to minimise on-site visits
  • Maintain product quality – make sure cabinets are not switched off to save electricity, resulting in poor product quality and lower sales
  • Real-time sales data – know when stock needs replenishing before it runs out, not after the event
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