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Our Co-Location services give you access to purpose-built data centres with greater security, resilience and network performance than you could cost-effectively provide yourself. Our service also enhances your IT agility, allowing you to quickly expand exactly when you need to.

Providing power, cooling and space in data centres is expensive, yet enterprises constantly need more capacity to run their business applications for data storage, and for disaster recovery. The cost of building or upgrading your own data centre can be prohibitive, so Co-Location provides a more practical and affordable solution.

Our UK, Germany and global Co-Location services offer the highest quality, most secure and best performing connectivity in the market for a predictable monthly fee. We provide data centre space, power and cooling, creating an effective environment for you to host your IT equipment.

UK & Ireland

We have more than 20 years’ experience of Co-Location and now operate eight data centres across the UK and Ireland, including London, Swindon, Leeds and Dublin. We help you save money on power usage, while meeting your security and quality requirements.


Vodafone has two high performance data centres in Germany linked to its global network. These provide safe and secure facilities.


We offer Co-Location services in 99 markets, across 38 countries and five continents, from Vodafone facilities and through our partnership with Equinix. Our risk-free service offers a minimum of N+1 power and cooling architectures, early warning fire detection and suppression systems, and government-grade physical security.

Business benefits

Vodafone already has a strong data centre presence in the UK and Germany, and we’re expanding through partners in other locations around the world, to provide a Co-Location service that offers:

  • High Efficiency - Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25 means electricity costs are kept to a minimum, so you don’t waste money on increasingly expensive energy
  • Global locations - all connected to Vodafone’s highly secure global network providing excellent access routes
  • Security - all our data centres have high-level security protection to ISO 27001 or the local equivalent. In the UK and Ireland, our data centres also meet government security standards
  • Tier III compliance (Uptime Institute) - data centres are designed to exceed the Tier III availability standards
  • Best connectivity and network options - your hosted services are directly connected to Vodafone’s core network, so connectivity between other sites is fast and easy to provide
  • Extensive support - a range of Professional and Managed Services are available to help where required
  • Smooth migration - considerable experience and documented methodologies for data centre and application migration ensure a low-risk transition