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According to Lloyd’s Risk Index 2013, cyber risk has jumped from 16th to 3rd on C-Level executives’ priority list since 2011.

Vodafone's Cloud and Hosting Services portfolio has all the key components to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure, preventing unauthorised access and managing threats. So you stay compliant, while reducing potential loss of revenue or reputation from security breaches.

The risk from IT security breaches is growing, so protecting your organisation is more critical than ever. As well as accidental or malicious acts by employees, there are well-funded criminals interested in accessing your applications and data, plus a growing threat from hackervists and even state-sponsored attacks.

At the same time, the number of devices and networks that need securing grows rapidly each year. Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) estimates there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 – from networked computers to cars to fridges to shipping containers.

The result? Increased complexity and costs to protect your systems' integrity and data, which, if breached, could cost you dearly in fines, revenue, non-compliance and loss of reputation.

Our Cloud and Hosting Services portfolio covers access control and threat management, plus the professional services to make sure your specific security requirements are met. We also provide a fully managed service to identify and deal with threats quickly.

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Business benefits

Complete peace of mind, total assurance

A growing problem: McAfee reported more than 30,000 new Android malware variants in the first half of 2013, compared to 35,000 in the whole of 2012.

We have all the elements you need for resilient, reliable and secure IT:

  • Comprehensive portfolio - all the key components to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure – all from a single provider
  • Network-embedded - services go wherever your network goes, maintaining security wherever you do business
  • Access control - control who, how, where and when people can access the cloud, hosting or data
  • Threat management - prevention, detection, resolution, monitoring and reporting of internal and external threats (accidental or malicious)
  • End-to-end service - industry-leading technology, combined with our high-performance, high-bandwidth network, and supported by extensive professional and managed services
  • A proven tack record - Vodafone has more than 20 years experience providing IT infrastructure. We are List X-compliant for the UK Government, PSN-certified and ISO 27001 compliant