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4G Mobile Broadband from Vodafone brings you so much more than just speed. It means there’s nothing stopping you becoming a truly mobile business. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile network technology, with speeds typically six times faster than 3G.

About 4G Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile Broadband brings superlative connectivity and higher bandwidth, helping you respond faster and your business achieve more. Put simply, the increased speed and capacity helps you get more done in less time. The result? Your people are more flexible, more productive and more motivated. And your business becomes more dynamic and competitive.

Why Vodafone for 4G?

Vodafone is the best network for 4G in terms of mobility and network quality. We’re the only UK operator with it’s own nationwide fibre network so we can control the quality of our service in a way other simply can’t.

Vodafone owns a big chunk of the UK low frequency signal, which gives you strong indoor coverage. Combine this with an ambitious roll-out plan of 4G sites and our acquisition of high frequency spectrum, and you can enjoy even faster data speeds out and about across the country, in the city, or in remote locations.

Business benefits

Get much more done, in much less time

Trust the best 4G network in the business to help your business take advantage of 4G mobile Broadband:

  • More responsive – with access to applications and the power to respond out of the office quickly, your people are better placed to satisfy customers’ needs
  • More agile – rapid access to business information and improved collaboration through rich media such as HD video, gives you the ability to make better-informed decisions, faster
  • More productive – 4G enables everyone in or out the office to access and take advantage of business applications that help them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently
  • Faster connections – exploit new service opportunities and revenue streams that use enhanced mobile functionality, or take advantage of rich media and mobility trends such as video calling and mobile working
  • High quality coverage – our best quality 4G network means you’re connected all the time
  • High performance applications – high bandwidth and superior connectivity ensure your business applications perform better
  • Reduce costs – 4G can help reduce travel costs, save office space by remote working, and save telecoms equipment or fixed line installation costs
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